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Conservation Day – Rowan Planting

Our volunteers had a busy day on Tuesday, tackling a variety of jobs:

  • Gorse cutting
  • Nest box maintenance
  • Rhododendron removal
  • Rowan tree planting
  • Bollard post repair

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We planted twenty-five rowan trees in gaps round the edge of the wood. They should grow well on The Heath’s soil and provide much-needed berries to feed the birds in winter.

While working, it was wonderful to observe nature’s signs of spring. Birds, large and small, were busy building nests. Particularly enchanting was the sight of a long-tailed tit constructing its nest in a gorse bush. The nest is made of cobwebs and moss; these materials allow the nest to expand as the brood grows.

Long-tailed Tit Nest

Long-tailed Tit Nest

Thank you to our fantastic volunteers for your time and to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for running the day.

Kevin Griffiths

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Conservation Work Day – 20th March

Volunteers on Knutsford Heath

Our first conservation work day of 2018 will be on Tuesday 21st March from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm.Cheshire Wildlife Trust Logo

Under the supervision of Cheshire Wildlife Trust we’ll be working in the Nature Reserve. The work will include tree planting, scrub clearing and nest boxes maintenance.

Please come and join the party – even if only for a short time, as many hands make light work!

Meet: at the interpretation board in the Nature Reserve at 10:00 am or look for us within the Reserve at later times (up to 3:00 pm).

Kevin Griffiths

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Fireworks Litter

The Heath is a community space for exercise and relaxation. Anyone can use it but they have a duty to take care of it for the benefit of everyone else, now and for the future. It goes without saying that litter should be placed in the bins provided or taken home for disposal. Most people accept this and do their bit to look after The Heath but our regular litter-picks reveal that some people do not.

We collected 30 bags of litter on a recent litter-pick, including the usual food wrappings, cans and bottles that litter-louts had carelessly discarded. We found fly-tipped rubbish, including ceramic plates, bed sheets and garden refuse. There was also a large quantity of plastic debris, a sample of which is shown in the photo.

Firework Plastic Artefacts

Our research has found the debris was caused by fireworks, possibly a display of some sort. An inquiry to a local professional fireworks display company has identified the firework as a “Cat 3 Multi-shot Cake” type that can typically hold from 50 to 1000 shots. Each shot ejects from the cake on a random trajectory making a whistling sound that culminates in a loud bang.

We understand that this type of firework isn’t generally used by professional display companies because they are responsible for the clean-up after the event and hence have a ‘no plastics’ policy. It seems likely, therefore, that this debris has come from an over-the-counter firework set off by a private individual. As the debris has appeared since our previous litter-pick in September, it also seems likely that the fireworks were set off as part of a Bonfire Night or New Year celebration.

While we all enjoy the spectacle of fireworks, they must be used responsibly and responsible use includes cleaning up the debris, whatever it may be.

Please spread the word so that this message reaches whoever caused this litter and anyone else contemplating setting off fireworks on The Heath. They should seek authorisation from the land owner first and ensure that all the debris is completely removed afterwards. Plastics should be avoided because of the risk of fragments being ingested by dogs and other animals.

Kevin Griffiths

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Litter-pick Heroes

Great British Spring Clean 2018 banner


Our Great British Spring Clean event had a strong turn out of “litter picking heroes” this morning. We were delighted to see some of our regulars as well as some new faces.  Even the land owner, Henry Brooks, popped by for a chat and helped us by taking the final group photo.

The volunteers did an excellent job, scouring all parts of The Heath and by the end had collected thirty bags of rubbish as well as a barrow full of fly-tipped bed sheets.

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Thank you everybody for doing your bit to clean up our neighbourhood!

Kevin Griffiths

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Tidying Trees

We are pleased to see the trees around The Heath are being tidied up this week. A group of tree contractors from Hereford are working their way round, removing the lower branches and dead wood from the limes. They have started on the Little Heath and the benefits are already clear to see. The trunks look neat and the splendid vista of Georgian houses on Gaskell Avenue has been revealed.

A local resident, Clive Ganczarski, is happy with progress, saying “The tree surgeon team have worked really well with the residents on Gaskell Avenue to ensure vehicles were kept clear whilst the work was in progress. I’m sure that when the leaves return we will benefit from regained light and views.”

Kevin Griffiths


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Spring Clean The Heath


We’ll be taking part in the national “Great British Spring Clean” campaign again this year by holding our next litter-pick on Sunday 4th March, between 11am and 12pm.

The campaign aims to bring together people from across the country to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and coastline. So, if you can spare a little time, come and do your bit with us.

Meet on The Heath at the corner of Tabley Road and Manchester Road at 11am.

Bring gardening gloves or equivalent.

“Many hands make light work!”

You might like to know that there will be other opportunities to clean up Knutsford over that weekend. Friends of the Moor will be on the Moor on Saturday afternoon and KROW (Knutsford Residents in Over Ward) will be on North Downs / Longridge playing field on Sunday afternoon.

Kevin Griffiths

Rubbish collage

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