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Pub in the Park – Bulletin 1

We have seen and heard mixed views on whether Pub in the Park should be welcomed. Some people think it is a fantastic idea while others are concerned about negative aspects such as:

  • Damage to The Heath
  • Traffic congestion
  • Disturbance of the local residents
  • Preventing public access to Common Land
  • Using The Heath for commercial gain

We have met with Brand Events (the organisers) and they have assured us that they will take special care of The Heath and they will have a park and ride system to minimise traffic congestion. Reassured by their expression of care and trusting they will address the other concerns raised, Friends of The Heath are not objecting to Pub in the Park.

However, we have objected to the application for an annual premises licence. In our view the licence should be applicable to a single specific event. Given the novel nature of the event, its actual impact must be assessed before granting a licence for any subsequent event.

Kevin Griffiths

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Pub in the Park

Friends of The Heath have been informed of a proposal for a three-day event called “Pub in the Park” to be held on The Heath in September 2018. While we welcome the use of The Heath for events that benefit Knutsford we are concerned about the immediate and long-term damage that it may be caused to The Heath. We will liaise with the event organisers, Brand Events, to assess the likely impact of “Pub in the Park” and to seek mitigation.

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AGM 2017

The Friends of The Heath are holding their Annual General Meeting at 8.00 pm on Thursday 23th November in the Little Theatre, Queen Street. All residents of Knutsford are invited to attend.

The agenda is here:Acrobat Icon

If you wish to join the committee, let one of the existing committee members know or contact us here.

After the meeting, which is expected to last for no more than an hour, the bar will be open for anyone wishing to stay longer to socialise. The Little Theatre has asked that you use the public car park on Tatton Street in order to minimise congestion in Queen Street.

Kevin Griffiths

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Conservation Work Report – 14th November

Our Cheshire Wildlife Trust leader, Adam Machin, had preceded us by a few days and strimmed the grass and heather (to encourage fresh growth); so our first job was to rake up the material and put it out of sight.

Heathland Strimmed

Strimmed Heathland

Kettle OnThen, following an early lunch, we set about cutting back the vegetation along Tabley Road to ensure it doesn’t encroach on the pavement. While we were at it we also picked up litter, filling three bin bags.

An early finish meant we were able to leave for home before the light faded.

Thank you to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for organising the event and to our wonderful volunteers for their time and effort.

Kevin Griffiths

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Conservation Work Day – 14th November

Conservation Team

Our next conservation work day in the Knutsford Heath Nature Reserve will be on Tuesday 14th from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm.Cheshire Wildlife Trust Logo

Under the supervision of Cheshire Wildlife Trust we’ll continue the job of maintaining the heathland by removing grass and heather cuttings.

Please come and join the party – even if only for a short time, as many hands make light work!

Meet: at the interpretation board in the Nature Reserve at 10:00 am or look for us within the Reserve at later times (up to 3:00 pm).

Kevin Griffiths

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September Litter-pick by Friendly Volunteers

The fine September morning on Sunday brought seventeen volunteers out to clean up The Heath. Within an hour we had gathered bags-full of the usual cans and bottles as well as cleared up several fly-tipped items, including one of the orange-painted bikes used to mark last year’s Tour of Britain cycle event.

At the end we had time for a friendly natter before heading home for Sunday lunch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you all for helping to clean up The Heath.

Kevin Griffiths

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