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Conservation Work Report

Today, 21st March, we had yet another productive day with volunteers from Friends of The Heath and Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT). Together we cleared gorse, put up nest boxes and planted trees.

In the morning we cleared some new gorse growth from the heather by the sand pit – though we decided it would be easier using a brush cutter so that will be done next time.

We put up seven more nest boxes in the northern part of the Nature Reserve, towards Tabley Road, bringing the total installed to twenty. Two are wooden, made by CWT volunteers, and the other five are made from woodcrete.

Nest Box Locations v2b

After lunch we planted fifty saplings, a mixture of hazel and hawthorn, by working our way around the Northwich Road and Ladies Mile perimeters. They will be particularly beneficial for the birdlife because they will provide nuts and berries in autumn.

Thank you to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for running the event and to our wonderful volunteers for their time and effort.

Kevin Griffiths

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Conservation Work Day – 21st March


Our next conservation work day in the Knutsford Heath Nature Reserve will be on Tuesday 21st March from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm.Cheshire Wildlife Trust Logo

Under the supervision of Cheshire Wildlife Trust we’ll be putting up nest boxes, removing scrub from the heathland and planting Hazel and Hawthorn.

Please come and join the party – even if only for a short time, as many hands make light work!

Meet: at the interpretation board in the Nature Reserve at 10:00 am or look for us within the Reserve at later times (up to 3:00 pm).

Kevin Griffiths

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Hardy Litter-pickers – Thank You

Litter Collected Photo

Today’s litter-pick event was one of our wettest so we are specially grateful to the few hardy volunteers who braved the rain.

As expected, we picked up lots of discarded bottles, cans and food wrappings but we were surprised to find more serious tipping: a truck battery in the woodland, and hessian bags full of newspapers hidden in the bushes by the bowling green wall, just like we found last June. We hope the culprit will realise their behavior is both antisocial and illegal, and will not repeat it.

Thank you all for helping to clean up The Heath.

Kevin Griffiths

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Great British Spring Clean


We’ll be taking part in the national “Great British Spring Clean” campaign by holding our next Heath litter-pick on Sunday 5th March, between 11am and 12pm.

The campaign aims to bring together people from across the country to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and coastline. So, if you can spare a little time, come and do your bit with us.

Meet on The Heath at the corner of Tabley Road and Manchester Road at 11am.

Bring gardening gloves or equivalent.

“Many hands make light work!”

Rubbish collage

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BGB 2017 – The Results

Our first RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, held on Sunday, was a great success. An impressive nineteen bird species were identified during the hour-long event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The complete list with the number of individuals seen was as follows:

  • Blackbird – 2
  • Blackheaded Gull – 4
  • Blue Tit – 4
  • Carrion Crow – 2
  • Chaffinch – 1
  • Coal Tit – 1
  • Goldcrest – 3
  • Goldfinch – 7
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker – 1
  • Great Tit – 2
  • Jackdaw – 2
  • Jay – 1
  • Long-tailed Tit – 4
  • Magpie – 4
  • Nuthatch – 1
  • Robin – 1
  • Song Thrush – 1
  • Waxwing – 2
  • Woodpigeon – 4

We were particularly pleased to see one of our recently installed nest-boxes being investigated by a pair of Blue Tits.

The results have been forwarded to the RSPB for their analysis and trending.

Thank you to all who took part, especially members of Knutsford Ornithological Society whose identification skills were invaluable and Terry Heath who photographing the event for us.

Kevin Griffiths

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2017

Sunday 29th January 11am-12pm


This year, for the first time, we’ll be taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. We’re coordinating with Friends of the Moor (FotM) and the Knutsford Ornithological Society (KOS) in a pan-Knutsford event. FotM are holding their session on the Moor on Saturday and we’re holding ours on The Heath on Sunday. Both sessions will be supervised by KOS.

It’s an important national event that shows the state of our UK bird population year on year. We hope you will come and join us and do your bit for wildlife conservation.

Meet: at the interpretation board in the Nature Reserve at 11:00 am.

Kevin Griffiths

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