Clean Up The Heath – 24th September

Rubbish collage thin

Friends of The Heath are running another litter-pick event on Knutsford Heath on Sunday 24th September between 11am and noon.

A group of like-minded volunteers will be roaming the site giving the area a good old clean-up. This is no small task, so if you can offer even a few minutes, then your help will be much appreciated.

Meet on The Heath at the corner of Tabley Road and Manchester Road at 11am.

Bring gardening gloves or equivalent.

“Many hands make light work!”

Kevin Griffiths

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Conservation Work Report – 12th September

Tuesday’s work day was well supported by Cheshire Wildlife Trust volunteers and our local town’s folk. The day followed the regular pattern of gorse clearing and nest box maintenance.

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We put up ten additional nest boxes, and checked and cleaned the pre-existing ones. We were gratified to find most of the boxes contained an old nest, proving they had been occupied this year.

Elephant Hawkmoth Catepillar

Elephant Hawkmoth Caterpillar

While surveying the boxes, we were amazed to find an enormous caterpillar in the Rosebay Willowherb clump. It was an Elephant Hawkmoth, Rosebay Willowherb being its usual foodplant.

There is always something worth seeing on The Heath.

Thank you to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for running the event and to our wonderful volunteers for their time and effort.

Kevin Griffiths

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Conservation Work Day – 12th September

Blooming Heather Sep 2017

Our next conservation work day in the Knutsford Heath Nature Reserve will be on Tuesday 12th from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm.Cheshire Wildlife Trust Logo

Under the supervision of Cheshire Wildlife Trust we’ll continue the ongoing jobs of removing scrub from the heathland and maintaining the nest boxes.

Please come and join the party – even if only for a short time, as many hands make light work!

Meet: at the interpretation board in the Nature Reserve at 10:00 am or look for us within the Reserve at later times (up to 3:00 pm).

Kevin Griffiths

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Dragonflies Hunting

At this time of year you are likely to see dragonflies hunting over the heather. They emerge from nearby ponds and are attracted by smaller insects that fly up from the heather and grass. They can be difficult to see clearly as they flit around but if you stand still they will sometimes fly towards you out of curiosity. The best place to get a good look at them is in the gorse bushes where they rest between bouts of hunting.

Kevin Griffiths

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New Bench

There is a new wooden bench near Tabley Road. It has a dedication plaque saying:

In Loving Memory Of
Stormin Norman Jones
1922 – 2016

Stormin Norman Bench

Joining the existing benches on The Heath, it provides another spot for visitors to relax and enjoy the vista.

A respectful ‘thank you’ to whoever installed this new bench.

Kevin Griffiths

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Beaver Scouts Outdoor Challenge


Trees on Knutsford HeathWe were pleased to have the opportunity to take the 5th Knutsford Beaver Scouts around The Heath to help them gain their Outdoor Challenge badges. In separate visits we guided the Navajo, Sioux and Apache colonies through two activities: a bug hunt in the heather and a trail through the wood. They put all their energy into exploring the space and discovered many of the plants and animals that live there.

Thank you to the scout leaders for bringing the Beavers to The Heath and for managing the lively little explorers!

Kevin Griffiths

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